Project 1510-2

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By: Julie Stephani
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20" x 30" black Elmer’s Foam Board

  • 12" x 12" sheets of Secret Garden Collection scrapbook paper*: 2 Floral Stripe,

3 Blossoms, 2 Showers of Flowers, 2 Daisy, The Paper Company

  • Secret Garden Pearlized Brads, The Paper Company
  • Secret Garden Chipboard Charms, The Paper Company
  • 24" length of Secret Garden Ribbon, The Paper Company
  • 3 yd. length of Secret Garden Ribbon, The Paper Company
  • X-Acto Gripster Knife, Elmer’s
  • Acrylic ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary paper trimmer, Elmer’s
  • Glue stick, Elmer’s
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


For Medium Box:
STEP 1: Cut foam-filled board pieces. Place foam-filled board on cutting mat. Using a ruler and craft knife, measure and cut two 4" x 5" sides; two 4" x 4" sides; and one 4" x 4" base.

STEP 2: Cut and attach paper for inside of box.  From floral stripe scrapbook paper use paper trimmer to cut pieces same size as the foam-filled board pieces. Apply glue stick to one side of each board and attach paper.

STEP 3: Assemble box. Using glue gun, apply glue to one foam edge of the 4" x 4" base and attach one 4" x 4" side. Repeat with other 4" x 4" side on opposite side. Glue foam edges to attach the two 4" x 5" sides.

STEP 4: Cut and wrap outside of box. Cut one 4" x 12" strip and one 4" x 8 1/4" strip from daisy paper. Apply glue stick to box and attach one strip of paper to box, aligning edges. In the same way attach second strip to box, aligning seams. Cut and attach 5" square piece daisy paper to bottom of box.

STEP 5: Embellish box.
Thread one 6" length of olive green ribbon through chipboard charm and knot. Insert green brad through other chipboard charm and hot glue to first charm, slightly overlapping. Hot glue to front of box. Cut four 5" lengths from blue/purple ribbon. Use glue stick to attach ribbon to top foam edges of box, overlapping at corners. Use craft knife to make a small slit in ribbon at corners. Apply glue stick and insert green brad into each slit.

For Large Box:
From foam-filled board cut the following pieces: two 3" x 12" sides, two 4" x 10" sides and one 9" x 12" base. Choose and cut paper to cover both sides of each side piece and on one side only of base piece. (Note: Due to size of box, cover each panel separately, then assemble box.)  Cover bottom of box with remaining 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper, piecing as needed. Add ribbon along top and side edges of box and insert brads in the same way as medium box. Embellish front by hot gluing chipboard charms.

For Small Box:
From foam-filled board cut the following pieces: two 2" x 5" sides, two 3" x 5" sides and one 2" x 2" base. For inside of box, choose and cut paper to cover one side of all board pieces. For outside of box, cut a 5" x 12" piece of paper for gluing and wrapping around assembled box, following Medium Box Instructions. Cut and glue 3 1/8" square to bottom of box. Cut and glue four 3" lengths of ribbon and attach brads, following Medium Box Instructions. Cut three 6" lengths ribbon, thread and knot in tags. Hot glue to front of box.


Julie McGuffee, Julie Stephani and Beth Madland



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